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Smile Inside - Young People

What we do:

We provide fun, interactive, confidence and resilience building workshops for young people aged 8-18. We deliver classroom style and use a combination of delivery methods to ensure that we cater for all learning styles. We use classroom teaching, storytelling, group discussion and practical exercises to help engagement.


Our team is passionate about helping young people improve confidence, resilience and therefore reduce their stresses and anxieties. We currently work with a growing number of schools, colleges, charities and sports academies across the UK.

Our beliefs:

Many workshops touch on the importance of building confidence and resilience. Some actually focus on teaching parents how to help to build confidence in their children. However, we don’t know of many that actually focus on coaching children. That’s what we do. We work with schools, sports academies and charities and are inspiring children from as young as 8 years old.

Smile Inside - Young People

How do we do it?

Our workshops help build the skills and capabilities that really matter. The effectiveness of a young person depends on their ability to make the correct life choices. We help remove the limiting beliefs that affect the choices that young people make. These are skills and capabilities that can be used throughout everyday life to help maintain balance and increase happiness.


We want to inspire young people to become the best they can, by giving them a platform of confidence from which to succeed. If we can give them a helping hand by providing insights around how they can learn to control their minds and better respond to challenges, their journey will be a happier one, right from their early days.

What we offer:

A selection of concise workshops that showcase big insights. Our programme for young people focuses specifically on developing confidence and resilience and is tailor made to the age of the audience. Although the fundamental concepts remain constant our delivery style varies to ensure that everyone benefits.


Our Clients




Holy Trinity School, Marlow:


Healthy Schools Days: Parental Seminars


Marlow RFU Minis Section:


Confidence Building for Children Workshops

Action4Youth, Aylesbury, Bucks:
Workshops for The Inspiration Programme

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