How to increase personal prosperity

Smile Inside - How to increase personal prosperity

Although making money is a fundamental purpose of any business, individuals in a company will have their own personal values and beliefs around the concept we call money. In today’s world it has a massive emotional impact and this workshop is designed to challenge an individual’s personal interpretation of money.

This workshop helps individuals understand how they relate to money, how they value their contribution to a business and how to bring more money into their environment. Imagine a business that is able to help team members remove some of their fears and blockages, so that they were more freely able to generate more for themselves and for the business?

We believe we can help more people to unlock greater personal prosperity and hence generate greater positive financial results for the business and themselves.

In this workshop we will:

Allow individuals to understand what they really think about money, how they react to it and what they can do to change the balance

Explore how your mind influences your finances and identify the money viruses that determine your focus – lack and poverty or wealth and riches?

Help you understand the term ‘energy’ in connection with money

Explore the laws of money and wealth

Help individuals positively control their financial destiny