How to manage busyness

Smile Inside - How to manage busyness

The concept of busyness is becoming more and more relevant in our fast paced, hectic, ever changing modern world. It’s becoming a global epidemic and it’s a huge contributor to stress, anxiety and burn-out. Many of us believe that we are busier than ever before, but are we, or does it just seem that way?


Whether it’s affecting your work, family or social life, it seems to be relevant to most of us, even children. At Smile Inside, we believe that there are a small number of big concepts that when managed effectively, can have a big impact on creating a happier, healthier and more successful life.


In this workshop, we will:


Explore the concept of busy

Understand why this concept is so relevant now?

Discuss why it’s actually very easy to be busy

Learn how being too busy is damaging us

Create a toolkit of resources that will help bring balance to your life