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Smile Inside - Everyone

What we do:

We provide a range of fun, interactive, confidence and resilience building themed workshops and seminars for all types and all ages. We deliver classroom style and use a combination of delivery methods to ensure that we cater for all learning styles. We use classroom teaching, storytelling, group discussion and practical exercises to increase engagement. We also offer private coaching sessions for those that require one on one sessions. Our team is passionate about helping people of all ages and from all backgrounds improve confidence, resilience and reduce stress and anxiety.

Our beliefs:

We believe that the level of confidence and resilience we have determines our success in life. Arguably, some of us are born with more than others, but it’s largely determined by the people we interact with and our environment. Confidence is about having a quiet, inner knowledge that you can do something - a feeling of capability and readiness inside. 


Confidence helps you move forward, try new things and be able to grow as a person. It gives you a can-do attitude. Ultimately it helps you achieve your potential, whatever that might be. Confidence determines absolutely, how successful you’ll become and how happy you will be. That’s why we believe it’s so incredibly important.


It’s not right or wrong to have either a little or lots of confidence. Where you are today is just fine. However, it’s worth knowing that your life improves in every way, the more self-confident you become. That’s why it’s worth your time energy and effort to work on it. We believe that our confidence building workshops, seminars and private coaching sessions can make a real difference

Smile Inside - Everyone

How do we do it?

Our workshops help build the skills and capabilities that really matter. The effectiveness of a person depends on their ability to make the correct life choices. We help remove the limiting beliefs that affect the choices that people make. These are skills and capabilities that can be used throughout everyday life to help maintain balance and increase happiness.


We want to inspire people to become the best they can, by giving them a platform of confidence from which to succeed. If we can give them a helping hand by providing insights around how they can learn to control their minds and better respond to challenges, their journey will be a happier one, right from their early days.

What we offer:

A selection of concise workshops that showcase big insights. Our programme for young people focuses specifically on developing confidence and resilience and is tailor made to the age of the audience. Although the fundamental concepts remain constant our delivery style varies to ensure that everyone benefits.



How to Become More Confident


How to Become More Resilient


How to Manage Busyness and Enjoy Life More

How to Increase Personal Prosperity

121 Personal Coaching:

Are you recognising that something in your life is out of balance? Are you confused about how to reinstate the balance? Is progress slow or maybe even at a stand-still? Are you wondering how to get things moving?

Our personalised coaching plan, will enable you to embrace a vision or goal and help bridge the gap between dreams and reality. Coaching will help increase your confidence and resilience in order for you to identify and achieve what you truly want. Our habits hold us back and these can be reinforced by surroundings, friends and family members - often unknowingly. Opening the mind to a series of small decisions and new options can change our life for the better. Coaching is about moving forwards and learning strategies that prevent you from slipping back to how things were before the imbalance or unhappiness began. It’s about opening the mind so that you can make the progress you want, in your life, your own way.      

You’ll receive a tailored 50-minute session with one of our qualified coaches to help you identify goals and support you with those all-important beginning steps to actualisation.