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What we do

We improve business performance by improving personal and team effectiveness. We build confidence and resilience to increase performance and improve results.


In a world of constant, accelerating change, business success is no longer about pushing harder to get more from people and rewarding those that are prepared to work longer hours or cram more tasks into their already over-busy lives. Those business leaders who are truly succeeding, already understand the importance of maintaining an engaged, happy and healthy workforce. 

With ever increasing competitive pressure and busyness, clear communication and the ability to relate to another person’s viewpoint is crucial. Those who understand how to manage themselves and who can effectively influence those around them, thrive. Removing limiting beliefs, developing a growth mind set and having the ability to keep going when the going gets tough are all skills that determine individual success.


Self-preservation is crucial because workplace related mental health issues are increasing dramatically. Being able to draw upon these skills helps individuals remain in control of the choices they make and helps maintain a happy, healthier work-life balance. Ultimately, healthy, happy staff means better productivity.

Smile Inside, exceed outside.

Our beliefs

Even the best business strategy will struggle to succeed without an engaged, happy workforce. People are your biggest asset. Those who can master a range of softer emotional skills are better able to manage themselves and their work. Our simple development programme helps develop emotional maturity in the workplace and gives real added value for individuals to bring into their everyday lives.

Smile Insde - Business

How we do it

Personal effectiveness of depends on the ability to make the correct business choices. We help remove the limiting beliefs to improve the choices people make.

These are skills and capabilities that can be taken into everyday life to help maintain balance and increase happiness inside and outside the workplace.

Personality Profiling: 

To understand the needs of a team, you first need to gain an understanding of the individuals within. We use expert profiling tools from our partnerThomas International to gain insights that allow us to build tailored solutions.

Our Personal Profile Psychometric Assessment provides accurate insights into how individuals behave at work. This helps answer questions such as: what are the strengths and limitations of an individual? How do they communicate? Are they self starters? What motivates them?

Our Emotional Intelligence Assessment is designed to tell you how well individuals understand and manage their emotions, how well they interpret and deal with the emotions of others and how they use this knowledge to manage relationships.


Our High Potential Trait Indicator helps identify leadership potential by exploring personality traits and provides an insight into how suited an individual is for a given job role. By understanding someone’s personality and how this interacts with a particular function or role, you can work to develop strengths and areas for improvement so they reach their full potential in work to which they are well suited.​

Personalised Coaching:

Once we understand the individual, we can use the insights to help build more effective and tailored coaching plans. Business coaching helps maximise skills and capabilities to achieve goals. It helps individuals overcome barriers, bridge gaps and enables their imagination to shape the goals. Achieving the goals increases business performance and means a happier, healthier workplace. Coaching can often be the difference between success or failure at work, and many individuals are also able to take the positive outcomes from coaching into their personal lives, to inspire positive changes.

Life involves an ongoing series of small decisions that often require confidence and resilience to carry them through and deal with the consequences. Big change is often the result of many little changes combined. Our coaching helps individuals make those continued, high quality decisions. 


High quality coaching can be life changing and is a great way for a business to show true appreciation in the workplace. Individuals receive tailored sessions with our qualified coaches to help them work towards specific goals and support them with the all-important beginning steps to actualisation. 

Bespoke Workshops:


Once we've profiled individuals and developed personalised coaching plans, we tailor the content of our interactive workshops accordingly. We focus everything we do around increasing personal effectiveness in the workplace.​ 

Our Approach:

​We use a simple, straightforward engagement model to maximise results: 

  1. Understand: Assess the current values and beliefs around wellbeing in your workplace. Business leaders must be aligned and ready to embrace change in order to achieve lasting results.

  2. Extract: Help shape staff engagement initiatives and ensure the right questions are being asked in the right way, to capture honest feedback.

  3. Build: Profile individuals using expert tools to create bespoke coaching plans and workshops tailored to the specific needs of the group.

  4. Deliver: Use interactive group sessions and personalised programmes. Workshops are expertly tailored to the specific needs of your teams.

  5. Evaluate: Coaching plans are reviewed and team members are re-profiled to measure change against specific business goals

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