How to become more resilient

Smile Inside - How to become more resilient

To overcome the inevitable challenges, changes and stresses of our fast-paced changing world, resilience is crucial. Numerous studies suggest that anxiety and burn-out is much lower in individuals with high levels of resilience.

Improving resilience can help ensure that, when stress is unavoidable, that it can be managed more effectively and that individuals are able to self-preserve more effectively

At Smile Inside we focus on the psychological blocks that prevent people from carrying on during tough experiences, the thought patterns that get in the way of mental recovery and the key traits that make a resilient person. By sharing some simple to learn techniques, we equip participants with the ability to thrive in challenging situations.

In this workshop, we will:


Explore the meaning of resilience

Learn how to develop a more helpful growth mind set

Explore how we might take a new perspective on difficult events by reframing

Discuss the importance of purpose, dreams and goals

Create a toolkit of resources for use when the going gets tough